I Need Less Cynicism and Not More

Mr. Richard G. Evans wrote in today to cancel his subscription to the KtB mailing list, and with it, gave his reasons, in reference to our current feature by Nicholas Laccetti, “Let There Be (the Painter of) Light™“:

The Thomas Kinkade critique put me over the edge frankly.  How anyone could find evil in his work is amazing to me. But if you look hard enough you can find evil and subversion everywhere. I honestly need less cynicism not more. God bless.

Neither “evil” nor “subversion” appear in Laccetti’s essay. It is, rather, a difference of interpretation from one Christian to another. The difference is a serious one, though; according to Laccetti, Kinkade has traded the biblical vision of Christianity for American consumerism. Cynicism is perhaps less at issue than complacency.

In any case, God bless you too, Richard. We’re sorry to lose you.