Immaculate Misconception

An ice-cream ad picturing a pregnant nun with the tagline “immaculately conceived” has been pulled on the eve on the pope’s visit to England. The ad makes cheeky reference to the nun’s obvious condition, which may or may not be supernaturally-sourced, like that of the Lord.

People! The Immaculate Conception does not refer to Mary’s pregnancy with Jesus. Mary is the Immaculate Conception. She was conceived without the stain of original sin, thus setting her up to be the perfect vessel for the Son of God. If you’re going to poke fun, at least get your theology right. As food porn, it’s effective, though. I have a definite hankering for ice cream now.

Mary Valle lives in Baltimore and is the author of Cancer Doesn't Give a Shit About Your Stupid Attitude: Reflections on Cancer and Catholicism. She blogs on KtB as The Communicant. For more Mary, check out her blog or follow her on Twitter.