In Honor of Hopper

Yesterday arrived this somewhat inexplicable letter of loose threads, which somehow, in its entirety, seems like the best tribute to Dennis Hopper, who died last week, that we could offer.

From: Nancy Langenwalter
Location: Location of

what? Wichita Kansas
Subject: About “Hallejuha

This has been an interesting morning for me after hopping on the computer early. Well,for starters, checked out my messages, went through the whole set of Beer Posters, leaving quips as I went carefully through each set. Read some messages, checked to see if the Poem I posted was still alive and well…it was….for Memorial Day.
Having done those activities,I decided to do some reading of the Huffington Post. Though I had heard about Dennis Hopper’s death last night, I hadn’t read much about him, nor did I remember the many marvelous things he did in his lifetime. Had a grand time reading all the information available . What a brilliant mind and colorful, to say the least, man we had in our horizon for a long time. those who would dishonor this man can not possibly understand the mind of this brilliant star, that did not last as long as I wish it had. But far be it from me to question, or fight about it. He lived his life as best he could. And we can only approve.