Inspiring Sanity

Letters still coming in about Stephen Prothero’s piece Why I Am Not A Mystic. This from Kevin in Colorado:

Stephen Prothero’s reflections “Why I’m not a Mystic” are beautiful. Thanks to him and to KTB for sharing them.

And from Martin Olson (

Odd coincidence. I’ve lived in a place like that.  I know a girl like that. I was just thinking similar thoughts about the challenging silences and how I feel about them when I saw it all written out in your article, right down to eating wild cranberries and picking her up in Boston.  The coincidence aside, compliments to Mr. Prothero on his evocative writing which cleared some dead brush from my mind.

Martin didn’t stop there. About Killing the Buddha in general, he added:

here’s some feedback: your site is one of the best i’ve seen and the content is unique and valuable to the great unwashed masses who cringe and shrug a lot at the lack of questions being asked throughout history.

i’m sorry i won’t be giving you money; the writing on your site is brilliant, so i will spread the word to others who perhaps will.

nice job. thanks for inspiring sanity in your readers

best wishes,
martin olson

Thanks, Martin. The accolades are appreciated and perhaps someone out there (you?) feels the same but is indeed in a position to donate. In case you missed the earlier announcement, KtB is now officially a nonprofit organization. Here’s how it works. You write us a check (or use PayPal, etc.). We send you a tax-deductible receipt to keep Uncle Sam from taking more money next year. And you continue to get religion writing that is “unique, valuable, and…brilliant.” Thanks, Martin and everyone, for reading.