Islam, Meet Scott Korb

It wasn’t long ago that we were celebrating Scott Korb’s last book, Life in Year One (don’t miss the fantastic cover on the upcoming paperback edition!), but he’s already hard at work on a new one. At a time when tensions around Islam in the United States have never been higher, Korb is reporting on Zaytuna College in Berkeley, CA, the first four-year Islamic college in its very first year of operation. The book is forthcoming from Beacon Press (the publisher of our own most recent anthology, Believer, Beware), tentatively titled America, Meet Islam.

Last week, a short audio interview with Korb appeared on North Gate Radio, a project of the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Listen to it here:

Download [3:47]

As you’ll hear, he’s already getting into the habit of saying “God willing”—as Muslims say, in Arabic, inshallah—when he talks about the future.