ISO Holy Spirit Aid

Tibor Krausz’s piece, “Adam’s Family Jewels,” Killing the Buddha’s latest sleeper hit, keeps circulating the cybersphere, and has now shown up over on Christian News Analysis. Their tag line, in case you don’t know, is, “The daily news analyzed through biblical scriptures, prophecies, and common sense.” OK, well with that as a starting point, here is their insightful analysis:

This is what happens when individuals without the aid of the Holy Spirit attempt to make sense of the Bible.

That wasn’t an excerpt, but the entire commentary. Well, except for the addition of 1 Corinthians 2:14.

Check out the site and you’ll notice that there is only one item listed in the drop-down under the tab Science. Can you guess?

UFO’s. [sic]

C’mon…it’s common sense.