Jesus Died for This? (You Can, Too)

Buddha killer Becky Garrison has published a new book. Jesus Died for This? A Satirist’s Search for the Risen Christ. You should buy it. But if you’re broke, we have an extra copy we can give you. We would like you to have it, to read it, to tell all your friends about it. But only one of you can do this. Which one? We don’t know. So we’re having contest. We’re providing all of our readers with broken pool cues. The last one standing gets this free book. Plus, we’ll know you’re the Second Coming.

For cowards, anti-Christs, heathen, and we’re also sponsoring an alternative contest. The first reader to write us at contact at killingthebuddha dot com and make us snort with laughter will receive this free book.

There are some additional rules: Your email must contain the word “Jesus.” If it’s really hateful, we probably won’t laugh. And who are “we”? “We” is the Killing the Buddha editor who happens to have multiple copies of Jesus Died for This? So really, you only have to make him or her laugh.

Also, if you win this free book, and you like it, you should probably twitter about it, or facebook, or blog, or tuck fliers about it under the windshield wipers of all the cars at Home Depot. If you win this book, and you don’t like it, you should keep your trap shut.