Jesus Trained for Afghanistan

We recently received an intriguing series of messages from Jesus, in the person of a German named Ralph Schulze:

“Jesus” to “Killing the Buddha,” 9/17:

As you see here:

I, Jesus, trained with the Airborne for Afghanistan Mission.

“Killing the Buddha” to “Jesus,” 9/17:

Fascinating! Tell us more about yourself.

“Ralph Schulze” to “Killing the Buddha,” 9/17:

I am the reincarnated Jesus. You find me here:

I made a training with the US-Army in Hohenfels Germany as a Terp of the D-Company of the 1503 Airborne. I don`t know, if the 1503 really exists or may be that it was a name for the training.
Because the US-Army made a security check before, they must know, who I am, because you find me with my name “Ralph Schulze” on the first place in Google.

I blessed all soldiers of the brigade to make a good job in Afghanistan. Because its not a secret, I told all my officers and the chaplain about me.

I talked with the greatest German newspaper now and they will report about.

“Killing the Buddha” to “Ralph Schulze,” 9/17:

Hmm. Tell me more. How do you know you’re Jesus? What is your message for humankind, if any? And what are you doing with soldiers in Afghanistan?

“Ralph Schulze” to “Killing the Buddha,” 9/22:

I know since about 15 years, that I am Jesus. It is even written on my palmleaves:
My message for mankind is, that I am here to fullfil the prophecies of the bible.
I trained here in Germany with the 1503 Airborne for their Afghanistan mission. I played a TERB, but my work was to bless them during the 3 weeks training. When people have my photo with them, they are very strong:

How can one respond to such a thing? Any ideas?