Just What You’ve Been Waiting For

After a bit of a hiatus, Killing the Buddha‘s humble donation page is back in action, with a PayPal button and everything! We run this site as volunteers, and it depends on the support of you, our readers. Please consider heading over there today and dropping a little somethin’ in the hat. Everything goes toward keeping KtB killing!

Or, if you can’t hardly wait, we suppose it’d be all right if you just went ahead and pressed the button here, now…


Please note that our PayPal account, until we can obtain nonprofit status, is sheltered by Small’s Clone Industries, an allied organization under the auspices of KtBnik Nathan Schneider. So don’t be put off by seeing its name on the donation page! Be assured that all gifts will go directly to KtB.

In addition, because we have yet to obtain 501(c)(3) status, we cannot issue tax-deductible receipts at this time. We’re working on it!