Killing Writing

Jim Willis says:

Equally, the writer should kill writing. What are we left with when this doesn’t happen? And yet, it will be said that we would never in that case accrue knowledge. Thus does the world that was put aside in the zen koan keep gaining speed, keep getting built.

Incredible how true that can be, and we don’t even know it. I’m back from close to a month of hiatus from daily blogging and in the course of that I became amazed at how much, in the service of Buddha-killing and the rest, one can bow so entirely to the metaphysics of text. I’m in the act again—cheerfully, dogmatically, piously—but haunted by what I’ve seen on the other side.

Nathan Schneider is an editor of Killing the Buddha and writes about religion, reason, and violence for a variety of publications. He is also a founding editor of Waging Nonviolence. His first two books, published by University of California Press in 2013, are God in Proof: The Story of a Search from the Ancients to the Internet and Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse. Visit his website at The Row Boat.