KtB in person, this Sunday at AAR San Antonio!


Religion-scholar friends of KtB, please join us at the American Academy of Religion conference this weekend for an exciting and (if we do say so ourselves) eminently necessary conversation about religion writing on the Internet, the good, the bad, the trolls, the future. Buddha-killer Kali Handelman of The Revealer and NYU’s Center for Religion and Media will moderate a conversation with KtB editor Brook Wilensky-Lanford, NYU’s Patrick Blanchfield, and Trinity University professor and journalist Simran Jeet Singh. Come join us!

Writing Religion Online: Scholars & Journalists in Conversation

Sunday, November 20, 2016, 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Convention Center-007B (River Level)

Over the past decade there has been an explosion of online religion writing. New publications continue to emerge and, with them, new kinds of writing and writers. There are more and more ways for scholars to share their expertise and knowledge with academic and popular audiences alike. At the same time, there are a growing number of journalists interested in covering religion well. Not only are these two fields growing, but they are starting to intersect and even blur. This conversation brings together scholars, journalists, and editors to talk about the present and future of online public writing about religion and to answer questions such as: “What does this work mean for the future of religious studies and for the thinking about religion beyond the academy?” and “How do we train scholars and journalists to get jobs and do them well?”

Brook Wilensky-Lanford, Killing the Buddha, Chapel Hill, NC
Simran Jeet Singh, Trinity University
Patrick Blanchfield, New York University
Moderated by Kali Handelman, Center for Religion and Media at New York University