KtB is alive. Again. It just won’t die.

Since Killing the Buddha was first created in 2000, the unholy love child of Jeff Sharlet, Peter Manseau and Jeremy Brothers, religion stories have made it — to glossy magazines covers, the babble of the blogosphere, and the bestseller list. But Killing the Buddha is still the only place for brazen stories of belief — lost  and found and lost again.

Earlier this year, KTB was left behind — for real children, great books and magazines that pay. But three new Buddha killers, initiates in the anti-tradition, have stormed the empty palace. We offer ourselves, among these hallowed and heretical pages, as your humble editors. Ashley Makar is praying that KtB will help her keep one foot out of the ivory tower; Meera Subramanian is guerrilla gardening in edens and underworlds while looking to the heavens for falcon gods; and Marissa Dennis is performing midrash at the intersections of borderlands and bodies. The Buddhas keep popping up on the road, right around the next bend, blinded by your headlights. We’re here to help you lay on the gas, for free.

Join us as we spread the Word. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Poke us on Facebook. Let the show begin. Again.