Lake Comeagain

KtB’s devoted cryptozoologist and volunteer typesetter, David Lloyd Rabig, has been moonlighting as an archivist over at A Prairie Home Companion. The other day when we were waiting for our laundry, he was telling us how a certain Mr. Keillor wasn’t always the rhubarb and meatloaf man he is today. Here’s one of the lost recordings David shared with us:

Download [6:04, 5.6 MB]

(BTW,  besides being a freelance cryptozoologist and a devoted typesetter, David Lloyd Rabig is also performer and writer living in Brooklyn. He was most recently seen as Mr. Person in “Well, Mr. Person, How Did You Do It?” at the Joyce Soho. And this lost Keillor recording was first heard on Gabe Silva‘s podcast, “Friends of Davey Jones.”)