Lost Places of the Heart: A Writing Contest

Our friends over at Obit have hatched another writing contest (remember the contest we did with them on death?), “Lost Places of the Heart.” We heartily encourage you to submit. Here’s how the call for entries goes:

Houses, diners, restaurants, bars, stores, parks, hotels, vacation getaways—the places we love are a part of us. When those places cease to exist, something is lost.

Write a 700–1,000 word story about a place you loved that no longer exists. What was lost and what persists? How do loss and location mingle in your memory? What do we hold onto and what does that say about us?

Winning entries will be published in Obit-Mag.com this spring. Entry deadline: May 15, 2011.

Read more, see examples, and submit an essay at Obit.