Military Mahabharata

indiatankThis, from the February 2nd issue of India Today: “In a final showdown between two contenders for the title of Tank No. 1 this June, the Indian Army will conduct comparative field trials between the indigenously built Arjun main battle tank and the Russian-built T-90 Bheeshma tank in the 40 degree Celsius plus the heat of the Thar desert [in Rajasthan]. Fourteen Bheeshmas will be pitted against an equal number of Arjuns. During the three-day exercises, each tank will fire 50 rounds and traverse 150 km in a test of strength. Given how the Arjun vs. Bheeshma mythological contest ended, the army is hoping for a different conclusion; it is already heavily committed to the Bheeshma, importing over 650 tanks and building 1,000 locally.”

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