Morrissey Debuts New Song!

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Adding to his collection of songs with Asian or Islamic themes (Bengali in Platforms, Asian Rut and I Will See You in Far Off Places) Morrissey thrilled the crowd at the recent Fiesta Morrissey! in Alhambra, California with his latest: Wear a Veil if You Must, Yvonne. The song refers to Yvonne Ridley, a journalist who converted to Islam while being held captive by the Taliban. “Throw out your tube tops, and put down your drinks,” are some of the reported lyrics. Fan Eric Garcia, 31, described it as “spinechilling and really, really sad and also sort of funny.”

Oz, Moz and Cros On the Outs

The fragile supergroup—consisting of Muppetmaster Frank Oz, Morrissey, and David Crosby, seems to have horked up its last phlegmy harmony, with rumors swirling of Ozzy Osborne stepping in and a planned tour up in the air.

Morrissey Knighthood Push is On

Moz fans, tired of the likes of Sir Bob Geldof and Sir Elton John reveling in their knighthood, staged another protest outside of Buckingham Palace earlier this week. “He’s a fucking national treasure, yeah?” said Kevin Phillips, 35, of Essex. “I’m tired of all these wankers getting knighted when Mozza could fucking wipe the table with any of ’em!” added Gary Maloney, 34, of Essex. “Except for Macca.”


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