New Revelation from a “Son Of My Mother”

Leland Mellott has been kind enough to share with us some more details about his discoveries, of which he told us a bit earlier:

By way of a powerful, transformative River Of Lightin my mind across the month of October 1981 (some eight weeks later I began speaking in tongues), I see that:

  • We have entered humanity’s next cycle.
  • We are leaving the beasthood of humanity for the top of the mountain. There will be peace on this earth, universal and perpetual, up to and including last word spoken by, last breath of, the last person to be alive.
  • I am being interrogated about Jesus of Nazareth. I say, “He killed no one.” (Dream)
  • Jesus of Nazareth crosses my path directly in front of me. I exclaim, loudly and instantly, “Jesus Christ!”
  • I am standing where I saw Jesus of Nazareth in a dream. I look down and see that I am holding a large cluster of gold keys. (Dream)
  • There was a man named Jesus (from Mexico), who, in his Task of Dying, saved me and kept me in this world. He died on Good Friday 1986. This man is my Personal Savior.
  • In l986, when Jesus of Mexico realized that it was Good Friday, he said of Jesus of Nazareth, “He’s the one I respected the most.”
  • At a later time, this Jesus gets up out of a casket, walks around it and away. (Dream)
  • We are entering the age of woman. Who am I? I amSon Of My Mother, nothing is higher than this.
  • There was the great Out-Breath of Divine Will Intelligence. We have entered the great In-Breath.
  • We were never created but always have been and always will be; we are Immortal Beings.
  • In the sense that we never die, we are Angels.
  • The mind’s eye of our such (our consciousness) never blinks, never closes, never sleeps and never dies. We pass through awake from this world into glassless clarity.
  • All Is Within begins the story in every word spoken in this world. What is beyond farthest star is within you.
  • Each and every one of us is a center of all of being.
  • The Sea Of Being goes out from us in all directions … forever.
  • There are trillions (I have now been saying this word for three hours and barely begun to count) of Souls in the Throughout Of Being.
  • All are priceless, unto the least and beginning there. All are unique and there is no other one like them. All are wise at the heart of the within. All are first, yet, no one leads. All are last, yet, no one follows. Each is the center. Each guides each. All are equal in the gift.
  • All Word is spoken word. It is every word spoken. The words we speak are food we feed each other. Who speaks poison is poison.
  • Who murders once murders 10,000 times In Thee EYE. To murder one person is the same as having murdered every person in this world.
  • The way we live our lives engenders the forces that free us or bind us when we pass through from this life.Love is the power and the way. There is no other way.
  • My labors cause nothing, for that which is written is already written and from The Beginning.
  • A Divine Intercession has taken place in this world.

In Wrath Of Word, come among here, all have been given actual power to destroy this world. (To worship me is to destroy me; who murders me destroys this world.)

Leland Mellott (Born: July 9, 1936, Lynden, Washington)
14070 River Bend Road
Mount Vernon, Washington98273-7289, USA

P. S. No, I’m not proselytizing. I don’t believe in it.