New Year’s Horn-Tooting


It has been a great year for Buddha-killing. In interviewing our co-founder Peter Manseau about his new book One Nation Under Gods (coming out this month!), Publishers Weekly called Killing the Buddha a “pioneer [of] religion journalism online.” Our pal Darcey Steinke gave us a shoutout in Granta: “Killing the Buddha is a website about religion for people who are fully alive and possibly doubt-filled…a vital forum on our complicated relationship to the divine.” And as we head into our fifteenth year in publication, a reminder that now is an excellent time to throw some pennies in our begging bowl. They will go toward keeping this whole grand adventure going into our sweet sixteen and beyond!

To celebrate, an idiosyncratic countdown of our favorite things from 2014.

7,618 new KtB readers for Briallen Hopper’s essay on A Time For Burning after Ferguson, “White People Problems”

56 new roundups, sendups, illustrated prayers by the inimitable Mary Valle, as The Communicant

7 exclusive excerpts from new books by Darcey Steinke, Scott Cheshire, Greg Bottoms, Alain Mabanckou, S. Brent Plate, and Jeff Sharlet

6 reported stories from India in one great month!

5 essays by the brilliant Ashley Makar, including excerpts from her brand-new e-book You Were Strangers: Dispatches from Exile

3 Interviews, podcasts, and conversations with great Buddha-killers, including John Green and Barbara Ehrenreich

2 new KtB e-books  by two of our favorite people, You Were Strangers by Ashley Makar and Cancer Doesn’t Give A Shit About Your Stupid Attitude by Mary Valle.

And because our latest feature is always #1 with us, a meditation on confession by an ex-Jesuit returning to the sacrament after years away. “The Carnival of Confession” by Kyle Gautreau, “a Dorothy Day progressive in the Tea Party South.”