New Yorker Sez to Buddha-kill on Thursday

When The New Yorker says jump, New Yorkers say, “Where, and from what time should I be an hour late, and are there free drinks?” It’s a good thing, too, because this week they’ve made mention of our team-up event on Thursday with Lapham’s Quarterly. They’ve got the facts pretty much right:

The Web site Killing the Buddha and the literary magazine Lapham’s Quarterly celebrate the new issue of the latter, devoted to the subject of religion. The activist and performance artist Reverend Billy will talk about the worship of consumerist culture and Lewis Lapham will read from a letter by Martin Luther to Pope Leo X. (163 Court St., Brooklyn. No tickets necessary. Jan. 28 at 7.)

(I still think it looks weird when “Web” and “Internet” are capitalized, as above. I expected that to go away once Al Gore’s political career was over and people realized that the Internet is as ubiquitous as air and doesn’t need to be capitalized anymore. But I’ve finally given up resisting. Maybe, now, it is no longer an indication of new-and-specialness, or being a proper name, but simply humble and worshipful deference. When referring to It, might we also capitalize pronouns?)

Yes, there will be free drinks, courtesy of Lapham’s Quarterly. RSVP to the event on Facebook.