“Non-believing” Pastor Really Believes

“Rick,” one of the pseudonymous “non-believing” pastors discussed in D click here aniel Silliman’s “Faithful Apostasy,” wrote in to cheer Dan on for his fierce response to the original report by Dan Dennett and Linda LaScola:

Thank you Dan for saying better what I’ve been working on for awhile as a response to Dan Dennett, since I was one of the five he described as “non-believers” in his article. I said that I would be willing to own the label of “different believer” instead; that is, “different” from a literalist and a believer in supernatural theism which seem to be the definitions he mostly uses when he attributes atheism to anyone not in that rather narrow ballpark. In addition I wrote a couple of responses to Linda and Dennett stating that I did not feel trapped or closeted and they graciously acknowledged this in a footnote to the article which was re-published in the online journal Evolutionary Psychology, which I appreciated.

Keep those parishioners on their toes, “Rick”!