It was a pleasure to wake up this morning and notice that Ann Neumann’s “God or Country” was picked up t

oday at the Bookforum blog Omnivore. This offers us an excuse to give a shout out to Alfredo Perez‘s fantastic creation.

The site began in 2003 as Political Theory Daily Review at a vast, minimalist collection of links to the most thoughtful essays and articles on the internet. Back then, it was divided between “news room,” “town square,” and “ivory tower,” separating the academic from the rest. In 2007, Bookforum had the wits to adopt the site and put it front and center on their homepage. Upon moving, the links began to be organized thematically instead of according to intended audience. Only recently they dubbed it with the wholly appropriate name Omnivore. All along, Perez has maintained an incredible resource—a humble reminder each day that great ideas are still out there, stewing, rehearsing, and hiding in the insufferable noise of everything else.

We’re honored to be a part of it.