KtB Class: Prove (or Disprove) the Existence of God!

Sgt. Dougherty Park (map)
Brooklyn, New York
Saturday, July 24th, 2010

The search for proof and disproof of the existence of God through history can tell us as much about the people doing the proving as about any particular deity. What do they mean by God? What counts as proof? In this class at the experimental outdoor School of the Future taught by KtB senior editor Nathan Schneider, we will be using pictures to explore questions like these for ourselves. First, the teacher will present (again, in pictures) some of the classic arguments used to prove or disprove God’s existence in the past. Then, students will have the chance to draw pictures of proofs of their own, and we will discuss them in an open-minded, non-judgmental fashion, together with historical anecdotes from the teacher’s research on the subject. Drawing materials will be provided. No belief or disbelief in God required, nor any particular skill at drawing.

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