Queering Schism: Mad Lib Notes from a Recent Yale LGBT Studies Conference

How and why, we ask, has homosexuality come to serve as a flash point for so many local and global conflicts?

Fill in the following 18 blanks with a word or phrase according to the prompts. Whatever you do, don’t read below the *!

1. A plural noun
2. A body of water
3. An abstract noun
4. An ice cream flavor
5. A noun ending in –ism
6. A fluid
7. A form of address
8. An abstract noun
9. A container that holds liquid
10. An adjective of the sort used in a dating profile
11. A noun ending in –ism
12. A guilty pleasure (noun)
13. The ultimate grand prize
14. A noun ending in –ism
15. A heteronormative term of endearment
16. [Only three more!] A noun
17. A noun
18. An interjection


Okay, with your list of words and phrases from the prompts above, read the following paragraph, replacing the numbers with your corresponding inputs.

When confronting the evil matrix of [5], [11], and [14], we must keep in mind, [15], the paranoid nature of gender. Our bodies carry fear of our [8], our [3], and our [1].

Whether you were baptized in [2] or in a [9] may not be relevant, in the end. It doesn’t matter if you’re [4] or [10]. One person’s cup of [6] is another person’s [12]. Remember: some people believe that eunuchs will inherit [13].

Heaven is not a place so much as it is a [17]. And gender is not an identity, [7], it is a [16]. [18].

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