Real Life Ghostbusting in Gotham

This just in, coming up at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, the home of Jay Bakker’s hipster church and the proof for the existence of Santa:

Real Life Ghostbusting in Gotham
w/Dom Villela

Monday, October 18, 2010, 7:30pm
Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn, NY 11211)

It stands to reason that, as America’s largest city, New York should house the nation’s greatest concentration of Ghosts. Dom V. counts on this tautology to serve his work investigating ghosts and paranormal activity in and around the 5 boroughs.  Whether working for distraught real-estate brokers with ghost-infected houses, nervous UES housewives, or befuddled restaurateurs with mysteriously high breakage quotients, Mr. Villella’s work combines both scientific method (electromagnetology, wave-form analysis) and parapsychology to try and determine and even control paranormal occurrences.  Come join him for an investigation into the nature of real-life Ghostbusting.

DOM VILLELLA began his studies in Parapsychology and the Paranormal in 1998. After 5 years of study he created Paranormal Investigation of NYC, an organization that serves the entire NYC area, Long Island and surrounding areas. His team combines experts in both Science and Metaphysics, and helping the client is just as important as finding paranormal proof. All services of Paranormal NYC are free and completely confidential.

Open City Dialogue (OCD) is a bi-monthly lecture series curated by Greenpoint resident James Hook, and unraveling on alternating Mondays in the backroom of Pete’s.  Short (35-40 minute) lectures are woven together from the common thread of people’s obsessions, with guests coming from all over Greater New York.  Whether academic or crackpot; celebrated or unsung, our lecturers all have something to tell you…..