Redesign Launched!

After being stuck in the ’90s for almost a whole extra decade, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a whole new KtB! A new look, a new apparatus, but the same great anxiety about churches and the same clever mottos on rotation. A few of the innovations include:

  • Fully searchable archives (though they’re not all loaded quite yet)
  • An umbrella Creative Commons license for our content (unless otherwise noted)
  • Click the authors’ names in their articles to see all they’ve written on the site
  • Functioning article categories
  • The KtBlog (that’s where you are!)
  • More to come!

For the sake of posterity, let’s see a little before-and-after. Before:

KtB before

And after:

KtB after

We’re eager for your comments, complaints, and praise about the new site!