Return, Reimagine, Ritualize, Rebel: How has 2020 changed your spiritual life?

KtB is inviting submissions about how the events of this year have impacted your spiritual life. Have you returned to a practice long forgotten, or turned to something new? Are you at odds with or inspired by your faith community’s response to the virus?  How have you been spiritually affected or motivated by racialized violence and the protests against it? 

In a way, this is what KtBniks are always doing—reckoning with the meeting of spirit and matter, finding our place within chosen and inherited religious communities, probing our doubts, celebrating our revelations, taking stands for and against and adjacent to what we believe and believed and want to believe.

Now, in a year framed by pandemic, in the heat of righteous rage against police violence, in the existential uncertainties of the fall election, we want to know not just what has changed, but how you’ve changed.

We welcome submissions ranging anywhere from short, flash nonfiction pieces to full-length essays. We don’t have a formal word limit for longer essays, though most pieces we publish are between 1,000 and 3,000 words.

We’ll begin reviewing submissions on August 15th and will post stories on a rolling basis throughout the summer and fall. If August 15th is too soon (2020 isn’t over yet, after all!), we’ll update this call with later dates as the year progresses.

Prodigal parents, born-again agnostics, witnesses on the frontlines, send us your stories

Francesca Hyatt is an assistant editor at Killing the Buddha and the author of Forestwish (Ghostbird Press 2022). She teaches undergraduate writing courses at Queens College, CUNY where she also received an MFA in Creative Writing and Literary Translation. Learn more at or follow her on Instagram @francescavhyatt.