Reverend Phelps, Your Cause Is Just!

Occasionally KtB just can’t resist sharing its space with some of the wild letter-writers we hear from on a regular basis. They, after all, are part of the cacophony choir, to the exposition of which the site is so fervently devoted. Take, as a saner preface to this, Josh Garrett-Davis’ recent piece here on Fred Phelps, as well as the news that Phelps’ case will be heard by the Supreme Court this session.

May there be a big, bad [sic]:

Date: October 6, 2010

To: Open letter to Rev. Fred Phelps

From: No Pot To

I suppose I should hate you : but I don’t.  I am a combat veteran of the US Army, as well as a religious Jew.  I should be opposing your philosophy :  but I cannot.

Please bare with me here for a little bite.  I am going to say a few things you will not like, but then it gets better.   I wish to give you the ‘old’ teaching from the Jewish tradition—one so old no Rabbi speaks of it today. In the Old Testament the rule against homosexuality is quickly followed by the rule against cutting the corners of the beard.  It is indeed strange that you choose to enforce the rules again gays, yet have a clean shaven face.  One begins to question just what it is you really do—follow the word of God or just concern yourself with homosexuality.

Old testament Hebrew has gender indicators that modern English does not have.  Translation therefore is a little off.  The rules against homosexuality were always applied to the male gender never the female.  This indicated to the ancient Rabbis that the these rules applied to men only and not to women at all, thus eliminating the need of 50% of the world population to observe them.  Secondly, the rules were always applied to Jews, never to the gentiles.  Since  the Jewish population of this world is less than 1%, the old Rabbis never applied rule against homosexuality to 99% of the world.  In reality that rule involves only one half of one present of the worlds population today (.05%).  I do not speak for Jewish Law now, and you will never get a modern Rabbi to tell you this.  However, neither you nor any member of your congregation is Jewish, therefore I absolve you of any need to follow Jewish Law.  You are free to go and become gay if you so wish.

With that said, I must admit I whole-heartedly support your philosophy and your actions even though they seem designed more to ‘wound’ than to ‘teach.’  Yes!  You are right!  God hates homosexuals  Yes, you are right.  9/11 and  dead soldiers are God’s answer to the degradation he sees in this country today.  No one who voluntarily wishes to follow the word of God as taught by the Jews can denie this.

After 9/11 I watched on TV as members of the US Congress stood on the steps of the Capitol Rotunda and sang, “God bless America.”  I ask you, just what ‘truck’ does that pack of scoundrels and thieves have with God?  Why should God listen to them?  For that matter, why should God bless America?  Name one thing America has done since the Viet Nam war that would beget the Grace of God?  Don’t think too hard.  There isn’t a thing.   I watched as President George Bush became the high-priest of the nation, saying prayers and blessing the troops as he sent them off on their holy mission.   That seems to be very appropriate.  A corrupt, career politician and an unrepentant drunk became the high-priest of this country.  I watched as solders entered Afghanistan and said to the local population, you can listen to music now.  And they would turn-up their ghetto-blaster to hear Little Steve Wonder singing, “Let’s do it in the road…”  The Moslem’s in a religiously oriented coun!
try don’t want to hear that.  Hell, I don’t want to listen to it.  Those GI’s didn’t have a clue what brought them there to begin with.  The American went to Afghanistan fighting for oil, trade routes, and the rule of law.  But as for Al Qida, after watching their society being slowly beaten down for decades with American smut, debauchery, and pop-culture, Al Qida began to fight back.  They were fighting for morality!  Common human decency!  God!

Ah…  War is easier.  It is easier to fight the boogie-man than it is to attack the real problems that this country faces in the 21st century.   For instance in the State of Florida alone, there are over 20,000 names on the registered sex offender list.  That is just one state.  Add them all together and what do you get?   Ah, but it’s easier to fight Al Qida than it is to deal with that problem—the real problem.   George Bush went to world war III against Al Qida, but if you collect every member of  Al Qida in the world together they wouldn’t even fill-up George Bush’s White House.  If you collect all the sex offenders of the world together, there wouldn’t be enough room in the Sate of Florida to house them all.  It is much easier for Americans to spend all their time, money, and ambition swatting flies while they ignore the ‘elephant in the living room.’

Reverend Phelps,  your cause is just!  Your reasoning is sound!  Your mission is clear!  Your motives may be a little suspect, but you are a lone voice in the wilderness shouting for the Laws of God.  You are to be commended for these actions.  I urge you to keep going; keep trying.  To save just one soul is to save an entire universe.  Good luck.  May God go with you.   I only ask that you widen your scope just a little.  Include all sexual deviations and hypocrisy.