Six-Word Journey Goes Viral

Last week, we invited readers to share their spiritual/religious journey/testimony of faith/belief/disbelief/beyond belief, etc. (Even we can’t even settle on the proper language. They all seem inadequate.)

But, inspired by SMITH’s six-word memoirs, we gave you just that. Six words. Or less. Most stuck to that, many just couldn’t resist a little intro or post-testimony explanation, or a blatant disregard as they rambled on. Some got it down to three words.

Franko: “more questions? sit!”

Alyce Santoro: “all is one.”

And others took notice. Wanted to add their own six (more or less) words.

On Belief Blog at CNN. In the labyrinth of Reddit. On Flirting with Faith over at Beliefnet. And on our Facebook page.

Scott “Wanted free pizza; got Jesus instead.”

Steve: “Don’t know. I’m not done yet.”

There were mentions of Chinese food and Kurt Vonnegut. Stars and earthworms. Herpes and sunshine.

It’s not too late.

What six words sum it up for you?