Six-Word Journey

Tonight the PBS series “God in America” begins its epic tale of religion in America that we mentioned last week. “If there were urgent-care centers for people who’ve flipped their lids watching too much Fox News or MSNBC, the nurses there would strap these frantic citizens to gurneys and administer ‘God in America’ via a nice, slow IV drip, like a powerful PBS antibiotic,” says The Washington Post. Others say if you’re only going to watch six hours of smart television this fall, “God in America” is it. Buddha-killer Stephen Prothero plays a prominent part in bringing these histories to life. So watch it! Maybe you’ll learn something!

As part of their multimedia extravaganza, from public events to Twitter feeds, they’re inviting readers/watchers to contribute to a Faithbook collection, a place for the “creative expression of an individual or family’s spiritual journey.”

But that takes sooooo long. Even those monstrous 140-character tweets. We at KtB invite you to tell us about your spiritual journey…IN SIX WORDS (OR LESS). The idea comes from SMITH Magazine‘s Six-Word Memoirs, now collected in their book It All Changed in an Instant—which features a fantastic memoir by KtB Senior Editor Quince Mountain.

Ready, set, go!