SNL is On It

There’s a bit of uproar about a Saturday Night Live sketch about a Bible that depicts all the characters as birds. I would suggest to those who are offended or are about to get offended? Just let it go. It’s SNL: no one really cares. Or maybe some people do, but this lady could murmur funnier things in her sleep while zonked out on Cold and Flu.

Biblical characters have already been portrayed by non-humans for decades, anyway. The cartoon Veggie Tales, in which fruits and vegetables star in Biblical and “moral” stories, has been airing on various American TV outlets since 1993. Many non-Christian children have unknowingly attended cartoon Sunday school due to Veggie Tales — no one can resist silly-looking talking and singing vegetables.

Not that I’m talking from experience or anything.



We make Bible stories fun! No, really.




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