Temple-in-a-Truck: NYC

We heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, that a woman named Annie is preparing to bring a bit of intention to New York City. It will arrive in a box truck, at unexpected locations, to be discovered by Twitter feed or random luck. Here’s how she explains it:
I am planning on creating a temple inside a box truck the last weekend in April. I’m hoping to park it at a few locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn; outside a museum, across from a park, outside a nightclub… etc, starting Friday night outside one of the free museum nights and ending Sunday evening.
(locations uploaded in real time  on twitter@ http://twitter.com/#!/boxtrucktemple)

I feel as though almost all of my friends are very self aware spiritual people but very very few of us are religious. We have no temple. Our spiritual moment is out at brunch. Our meditation is alone in our studios making something for an audience we may never see. We find spirituality where we can, and when we can’t find it, we Make it. I want to make it with intention. I want to make it in a box truck parked on the street in the busiest city I know. I want someone to finish their pleasant Sunday walk and find some box truck on the edge of the park with the back open and see some chick “om’ing” her butt off!

Inside the truck will be a sensory experience of sound and color. “Temple” and “Spiritual” mean something different to everyone, there is no cookie cutter altar here. Influences will be from Burningman, Dia de los Muertos, the Wailing Wall, Night Market, and everything in between, upside down and besides.

You can get a jump start by emailing some intentions to boxtrucktemple@gmail.com. She assures that all intentions will be anonymous. Or wait and do it in person. People who visit the truck will have the space and opportunity to write down their intention and take away someone else’s.
So, dears, what are your intentions?