The Douthat Obsession

From the KtB inbox this morning:

Dear Killing the Buddha,

We have noticed some suspicious internet activity on the part of subject Mary Valle. We observed that she clicked on this article over 500 times in the last 24 hours. Also, we intercepted some suspicious emails to the author of the article. Excerpts are below.

“Ross, if we were just sleeping together
it wouldn’t count, would it? Like, what if we were at
war and our Jeep got stuck and we had to camp
in a hut together? And it was cold?”

Mary, you left this in the conference room. Get a hold of yourself.

“I would totally live in a traditionalist utopia
with you (where the only sex is married sex)”

“‘Tightly bound?’
‘Restoring the link?’
‘Sex that is actually pre-marital?’
Biting my hand so hard when you talk like that”

“Ross, I do aspire to an ‘Arcadia of perfect chastity.’
With you.”

As Ms. Valle’s internet guardians, we thought you should know. When we brought up this activity with her, she was rather truculent and said “it was for her writing.”

We don’t think so. Are you going to do something about this, or are we?


Saavi Accountability