“The famous, as we know, are nuts.”

Read “moving” and can’t get enough of Eileen Myles? Wanna know how to honor a dead poet and how to get hate mail that persists for a quarter century? (HINT: You can do both at once!)

Yup, that’s the rockstar book trailer for Inferno (a poet’s novel), which is available only from OR Books, the infamously Amazon-bypassing publisher that featured another Buddha-killer or two in their also infamous Palin anthology, Going Rouge.

If you just can’t come around to the idea of a book trailer, however atypically sexy and interesting, check out the jacket blurbs instead:

I was completely stupefied by Inferno in the best of ways. In fact, I think I must feel kind of like Dante felt after seeing the face of God. My descriptive capacity just fails, gives way completely. But I can tell you that Eileen Myles made me understand something I didn’t before. And really, what more can you ask of a novel, or a poet’s novel, or a poem, or a memoir, or whatever the hell this shimmering document is? Just read it.

— Alison Bechdel

Zingingly funny and melancholy, Inferno follows a young girl from Boston in her descent into the maelstrom of New York Bohemia, circa 1968. Myles beautifully chronicles a lost Eden: “The place I found was carved out from sadness and sex and to write a poem there you merely needed to gather.

—John Ashbery

Eileen Myles debates her own self identity in a gruffly beautiful, sure voice of reason. Is she a “hunk”? A “dyke”? A “female”? I’ll tell you what she is—damn smart! Inferno burns with humor, lust and a healthy dose of neurotic happiness.

—John Waters

And if you don’t put stock in blurbs or trailers, just go read Inferno for yourself. Here’s the first line:

My English professor’s ass was so beautiful.

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