the ineffable

H.S. Haid sent us a nice letter that’s worth sharing (note, however, that we’re not quite “brothers”—3/4 of the KtBniks are women these days!):

Bless you my brothers, for I have just read your creed, and it pretty well jibes with mine.  I am the son of a non-observant Jew and a lapsed Protestant. Studyting existentialism, in particalar Kierkegaard, really fucked things up for me.  Living in the religious mode, which transcends the ethical, can be a real bitch, but one must strive to avoid movais foi at all costs.

I will never forget when a college roommate of mine who was raised under reform Judaism told me that it was very important to “decide”–between Judaism and Christianity.  Another college friend who has evolved into an ultra-orthodox idealogue has demonstrated to me the importance of killing the Buddha.  Yet both of them have been stark reminders of how an authentic path is indeed a bumpy one.

Here is a short poem of mine:

ein sof
(the ineffable)

imaginary people
in imaginary dreams
acting out dramas
for unformed eyes
blinded by inner radiance
illuminating the forms
groping in the darkness
of unknowingness
of the being
that never was
but will always be
within the eyes
behind the mirror
of eternity:
an orphan god
trapped in the illusion
of importance
existing vicariously
through sleepy eyes
in love’s way