The Son of Man Needs Not a Harness

Is your life complete without a rock-climbing Jesus action figurine? We didn’t think so. (look at the gluts on that god-man…). And a harness? Ropes? Jesus don’t need no safety shit. I mean, how could the helmet fit over his crown of thorns??

So what a delight that in anticipation of tomorrow night’s auction (part of the Tin Anniversary Spectacular), we received a box of not just a rock-climbing Jesus, but a buckin’-bull-ridin’ Jesus, a skateboarding Jesus, and a soccer-(read: ass-)kicking Jesus from long-time KtBnik Patton Dodd.

Here’s what Patton says about how exactly he came into possession of these priceless items:

Son of Man. Jesus as righteous dude. Kicking it with the rest of us mortals on the astroturf of earth.

Scoring one for the team!

These Jesuses could be yours. Bid often. Bid early. And take the team home to put on your mantlepiece for a conversation starter forevermore….