Tin Anniversary Glamour

The Tin Anniversary Spectacular—celebrating ten years of KtB—has come and gone. For those of you (and there were lots!) who joined us at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn on December 7th, as well as those who were sponsors in absentia, thank you for helping make the event such a great success. For the rest of you, we fully intend over the next ten years to make you so jealous that, when KtB turns twenty, you’ll be there no matter what.

Whether you joined us in Brooklyn or not, you can still relive the magic here on the internet. First, grab a copy of the program (download .pdf) designed by our friend Danica Novgorodoff, an extraordinary artist and graphic novelist and winter bicyclist.

Then, thanks to the powerful camera of Aslan Chalom, we can have a vivid, time-traveling glimpse of the event itself.

There's no better way to start than an invocation from Reverend Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, so that's what we did.

Keeping close watch all the while was performance artist Pat Oleszko.

KtB's Paul Morris and the great Lewis Lapham.

Gabriel Kahane singing songs and staying warm.

KtB co-founder Peter Manseau is charming.

Eileen Myles reading: a book in one hand, us in the other.

Meera, Marissa, and Ashley, KtB's 2008 resurrectionistas.

Comic Eugene Mirman was funnier than this caption.

Gangstagrass: two genres in one!

KtB's Mary Valle reads her six-word testimony, with SMITH magazine's Larry Smith.

Circulation Manager Garrett Baer leaps to the mic.

Peter and Jeff and schtick.

Nathan and Meera beat around the fundraising bush.

Editor and auctioneer Quince Mountain drives another sale home.

After being lit by Gabriel Kahane and KtB intern Jessica Miller, the Hanukkah candles burned as the party slowly quieted down. Video by David Olson.

Looking for yourself? See the rest of them on Facebook.