Two Types of Other

We’ve just received an email asking us to clarify our religious affiliation by choosing one of the options on this long and peculiar menu:

NO – None
BP – Baptist
BU – Buddhist
CA – Catholic
CG – Congregational
DC – Disciples of Christ
EP – Episcopal
HI – Hindu
IS – Islam
JE – Jewish
LD – Latter-Day Saints
LU – Lutheran
LW – Other
ME – Methodist
MN – Mennonite
OR – Orthodox
PR – Presbyterian
PT – Other Protestant
OT – Other
UC – United Church of Christ

It’s a pretty standard list used by colleges and other institutions which find it useful to gather aggregate demographic statistics. We’re sure we’ve seen this exact religious run-down before, but for the first time we noticed that while there is just one type of Jewish listed, there are two types of Other. Anyone care to guess what distinguishes one Other from the other Other?

Special bonus question for the salaried, Jumble-loving time-wasters among you: Can you make a sentence using only words formed with the letter groups above?