Universality in Fiction

In response to David Plante’s “The Meaning of Rain,” from his ongoing series Essential Stories, reader Jennifer Capo writes:

It’s an interesting point that you bring up about trusting the vision of universality in fiction.

Many (evolutionists, thought leaders, and such) think that we are on the brink of globalization and now, more than ever (with the internet and a global audience), your revelation..is timely.  In the past it may have been romantic…but the way you utilize the rain as stimulus in the present is more like a tree with many branches.   Discussion with grandson, past memory, present mood. …

In my own writing of a fiction novel, I was trying to stay away from having the character travel down a spiritual path to living a more conscious life…didn’t want it to get all hokey.  Thought about playing it safe and just skirt around her desire to evolve.  Of course, this means, that my journey will be safe…hmmm.

The rain.  We all have a relationship to the rain and to see your character express this relationship through body language, explanations and thoughts is refreshing.  Thanks.

You can probably guess what we’d say—don’t play it safe!

Look out for the second installment of Essential Stories appearing here on KtB this Saturday.