We Kill the Goat, You Decide

This just in from Fox News: Nepal Airlines has sacrificed two goats as part of its efforts to keep an older 757 in the air. Silly flying Hindus! Don’t they know the Sky God prefers Chinese SU-27 fighter jets? (Keep the sound on for this one…)

But seriously folks, why is it that a story about goat sacrifice in Nepal would get such play from Fox News? It might have something to do with the easy other-people’s-crazy-religions potshot it makes. Yes, we also find it unlikely that a slaughtered goat could keep a 757 airborne, but we also don’t doubt that a little more digging would have found that the story is a bit more interesting than Fox suggests. Our guess is that after lift off, the sacrifice was butchered and served to the crew of overtime mechanics who, Sky God be praised, piously got the plane off the ground.