Welcome to Apocalypse Week, 2011

KtB is celebrating the upcoming apocalypse planned for this Saturday, May 21st—the last hurrah of 89-year-old Family Radio evangelist Harold Camping—with a couple of inside glimpses into the end-times imagination.

We begin on Monday with a dispatch from Ted Cox, who went and visited the Family Radio headquarters in Oakland to meet the guy in charge of media there and see what’s going through his head. Talk about a “Dead-End Job.”

Meanwhile, KtB editor Nathan Schneider has a short essay about the upcoming apocalypse in the new tablet-only newspaper (or whatever you call it), The Daily. It begins with a story about the role Harold Camping’s voice played in his own apocalyptic adolescence.

On Wednesday, we have an interview with Camping, “The Man Behind Judgment Day” himself, by D. T. Brown. They discuss in more depth what exactly will go down on May 21st and what so adequately qualifies Mr. Camping to make such a momentous prediction, and with so much certainty.

Enjoy it while it lasts.