Welcome to Medieval Week!

click here ungeon.” src=”https://killingthebuddha.com/wp-content/uploads/wizards4-249×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”249″ height=”300″ />In case you haven’t sensed a change in the air—something a little more, I don’t know, Black Deathy—you’ve stumbled onto Killing the Buddha during Medieval Week! Yes it’s true, damsels and knights, from now until Saturday’s concert of experimental medieval music in an enormous Brooklyn church, we’ll be celebrating that Age of Faith, when the one, true, holy Catholic Church held all old Europe’s hopes and dreams in its glorious clutches, and meanwhile, in some kind of parallel universe, dragons and troubadours and Knights Templar and greedy alchemists and heretics of every shape and size still managed to run rampant and be busy about their important works.

First, let Eric Scott take you into the world of medieval-made-modern with his profile of the great bard Mikal the Ram. Later in the week, there’ll be an essay on resurrecting medieval song by Stephen Higa, leader of Resonanda, the group that will be performing on Saturday.

So strap on your chain mail, grab your rosary, and get ready for a Middling good time.