Adbusters -- Kills the Buddhas of advertising. Yes, it's true. Advertising is very bad. (magazine)

AltMuslim -- It's like the alt country's No Depression magazine, only it's for all of Islam. (magazine)

Arthur -- "Homegrown Counterculture" = mystic psychedelic indie rock romanticism, published with panache. (magazine)

Articles of Faith -- Boston Globe reporter Michael Paulson follows religion in Boston and around the country. (blog)

Bartholomew's Notes on Religion -- a brilliant religion and media blog.

Bene Diction -- a clever Canadian "God blog." (blog)

Beyond the Pale -- An on-air bastion of traditional Jewish American culture: smart, edgy, and lefty. (radio)

Bidoun -- compulsively readable Middle Eastern arts and culture magazine. (magazine)

Bomb -- the blog of one of the best arts magazines in America, and we're not just saying that because KtBnik Paul Morris works there. (magazine)

Books and Culture -- Great essays on the stuff of the title. Who cares if all of the authors are Christians? (magazine)

Brook Wilensky-Lanford -- the personal website of KtB editor & author of Paradise Lust: Searching for the Garden of Eden (Buddha killer!)

Comment is Free: Belief -- The U.K. Guardian's religion portal, which we prefer to the Washington Post's aggressively moderate On Faith. (newspaper)

Commonweal -- August liberal lay Catholic magazine increasingly out of step with the Church of Benedict. (magazine)

Daily Afflictions -- A good website and even better book by Buddha killer Brother Void, A.K.A Andrew Boyd. (Buddha killer)

Disseminary -- "Wisdom wants to be free." And here, it is-this is a portal to several terrific sites with heavy God thinking. (resource)

The Faster Times, Science and Religion -- A new type of newspaper for a new type of world.

Free Thought Radio -- hosted by the leaders of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, this atheist program often features smart, critical, and genuine conversation about religion. (radio

Fortean Times -- "The journal of strange phenomena." Stigmatics, Satanic Santas, snake goddess cults... the usual. (magazine)

Forward -- America's leading Jewish paper since 1897. Read the culture section. Even if you're not Jewish. (newspaper)

Get Religion -- Cranky, intelligent, right-leaning groupblog about mainstream media coverage of religion. (blog)

Geez -- Smart, hipster Christian magazine for "wannabe contemplatives, front-line world-changers and restless cranks."

God & Country -- News of religion & (mostly American) politics from journalist Dan Gilgoff (blog)

God Online -- self-described geek who keeps excellent tabs on religion websites. (blog)

God Spam -- Religion kitsch blogger Gwynne Watkins describes herself as "a Christian, but not the kind that sucks." (blog)

Guernica -- A sophisticated, internationalist forum for reportage, interviews, photography, and fiction edited by Joel Whitney and friends. (Buddha killer)

Guilt & Pleasure -- "A quarterly magazine that's making you talk more." It's also Jewish, but weirdly, the website doesn't say anything about that. We're not being anti-Semitic -- it's one of our favorite Jewish publications.

Heeb -- Distilled essence of Jewish hipsterdom. (magazine)

Hipster Monk -- "Gaining freedom. Defying happiness. Taming the gods." (magazine)

Hotel St. George Press -- Accidentally steampunk / Borgesian literary journal edited by KtB fellow traveler Alex Rose.

Image -- An elegant literary journal that describes its purview as "Art, Faith, Mystery." Oh, yeah, it's Christian, too. but that goes without saying, right? Unless that's what they mean by "Mystery." (magazine)

Immanent Frame -- A very tony academic group blog dedicated to the exploration of "secularism, religion, and the public square." KtB editor Nathan Schneider also blogs here.

Is This My Chair? --- "Notes on Being" from KtB contributor Bethany Saltman (Buddha killer)

IslamiCity -- Big, mainstream portal, news, and commentary.

Irina Reyn -- links to new criticism and fiction by former KtB contributing editor Irina Reyn (Buddha killer)

Jeff Sharlet -- personal site of KtB founder Jeff Sharlet

Jewcy -- Their motto is "What Matters Now" -- that is, if you're a Jewish hipster. What? You're not? Well, you should be. (magazine)

Jewschool -- This ain't no yeshiva. (blog)

Joking Seriously -- Martyn Oliver's rants and ruminations. (Buddha killer)

Knight Chair in Media & Religion -- Don't be fooled by the sensationalistic name of this site -- it's actually a very smart blog about, well, media & religion, edited by Diane Winston. (blog)

Kyoto Journal -- Yet another elegant, vaguely Buddhist journal. Extremely "tasteful." (magazine)

Laurel Snyder -- personal site of poet, essayist, children's book author and KtB contributing editor Laurel Snyder (Buddha killer)

Lilith -- Jewish feminist magazine unafraid of the goyim. (magazine)

Mars Hill Review -- Hipster evangelical journal of writing and art "that reminds us of God." (magazine)

Meera Subramanian -- personal site of KtB editor Meera Subramanian (Buddha killer)

Monkey Mind -- Adventures and ruminations of James Ishmael Ford, mostly featuring reflections on religion (particularly Unitarian Universalism and Zen Buddhism) as well as a little on politics (mostly progressive). (blog)

New Humanist -- British atheism, edited by the wonderfully-named Caspar Melville. (magazine)

New Witch -- Included mainly to tweak New Humanist, above, this teen witch review features articles such as "7 Steps to Joining a Coven" and "I roomed with a Muggle." (magazine)

Nth Position -- An Irish magazine of "high weirdness." No, it's not a drug thing-that apparently refers to religion, on which Nth Position runs some great reporting. (magazine)

The Onion -- Very funny. Lots of Jesus jokes. (newspaper)

Orion -- An ad-free, activist-oriented magazine for seekers exploring nature, culture and place. (magazine)

Pakn Treger -- Pakn Treger is Yiddish for "book peddler," but this magazine covers all aspects of Jewish culture, as well as the adventures of the National Yiddish Book Center. began in theory at Pakn Treger, originally edited by Jeff Sharlet with writing by Peter Manseau. (magazine)

Patheos -- launched years ago with the slogan, "Everybody believes in something." Now comes, with the slogan "Each faith tradition has a perspective." You know how they say the NYT Magazine is People for educated folks? (You don't? Well, it's snobby, but they do.) Anyway, you get the drift. And it's actually a pretty good drift. Blog. Magazine. "Gateway."

Patrol -- "A review of religion and the modern world," from some friendly evangelicals.

Peter Manseau -- personal site of KtB founder (Buddha killer)

The Pomegranate -- The first scholarly journal of Pagan studies. (As in modern Pagans, not the everyday people of antiquity.) Not much online, but that deserves a mention. (magazine)

PopPolitics -- "Where popular and political cultures meet." (blog)

Quaker Quakers -- The source for everything Quaker, as long as it's "primitive," "convergent," and "friendly."

Religion Dispatches -- Top-notch religion news and spin without ceasing. (magazine)

Religion Media Watch -- from the smart, liberal religious folk at Auburn Seminary, who also make great documentary films. (blog)

The Revealer -- "A daily review of religion and the press" founded by KtBnik Jeff Sharlet and edited by Ann Neumann. (Buddha killers)

The Row Boat -- blog by KtB editor Nathan Schneider. (Buddha killer)

Sarx - Words from a man with a funny hat who happens to be gay and has been a Southern Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Pagan, Gnostic, Episcopalian again, Eastern Orthodox, and Episcopalian again (3rd time’s a charm!) (blog)

Scott McLemee -- links to reviews by one of our favorite book critics. (Buddha killer)

Search -- A magazine about science and religion, edited by KtB co-founder Peter Manseau. (magazine)

Ship of Fools -- The "magazine of Christian unrest." Plus, it's funny. (magazine)

Society of Mutual Autopsy -- an excellent and often witty review of religion and culture edited by John D. Spalding, who is also a Buddha killer.

Sojourners -- Lefty evangelicals. (The Jim Wallis Show)

Speaking of Faith -- On the radio, that is. Public radio's religion show, hosted by Krista Tippett. (radio)

Spiritual Wisdom -- While we tend to like to shake things up, sometimes you need a little comfort. This site fervently hopes to provide some through their offerings about religion around the world. They seem to really like books, which we think is good.(website)

State of Belief -- "Religion and radio done differently." Liberally, that is, by the Rev. Welton Gaddy, leading the charge for left-wing religious talk radio. (radio)

State of Exile -- Notes from a wandering Jew. (blog)

Stephen Prothero -- Links to new work by the author of Religious Literacy, American Jesus, and a completely fascinating history of cremation (really). (Buddha killer)

Steve Almond -- Candy Freak. Buddha killer.

Steve Waldman -- The blog of the founder of is generally more pointed than

Street Prophets -- Progressive religion from Pastor Dan and friends. (blog)

Tablet -- Jewish book nerds with style. (magazine)

Tapestry -- The Canadian Broadcasting Company's weekly program about religion, belief, spirituality, and that dizzying sensation you get when you stare at the sun. (radio)

Talk2Action -- Lefty groupblog of religious right watchers (and activists). (blog)

This American Life -- It's unlikely that you'd know about a site like KtB and not know about This American Life, but if you don't -- or you're put off by its occasionally twee tone -- tune in for a program that when it does religion, does it better than anyone else on the air. (radio)

Transition -- A hi-brow journal of cultural criticism with a truly international perspective that doesn't dodge religion. (magazine)

Tricycle -- The Buddhist review. One of the best general Buddhist magazines in English. (magazine)

Turning Wheel -- The journal of socially engaged Buddhism for people who believe Buddhism is more than a spa treatment. (Longtime editor Susan Moon on (magazine)

Utne Reader -- A magazine, a blog, a how-to manual for liberals. Plus, they gave Killing the Buddha an award.

Velveteen Rabbi -- Notable blog by a poet and Rabbi-in-training that has been up and hopping since 2003. (blog).

Virginia Quarterly Review -- one of the best literary journals publishing. (magazine)

The Wild Hunt -- A modern Pagan perspective. (blog)

wood s lot -- an eclectic survey art and literature with an eye for religion. This is what a blog should be. It's one of our favorites. (blog)