Cowboy for Christ

Buy the book to read this essay and more!

Buy the book to read this essay and more!


Hear Quince Mountain read Cowboy for Christ at the Believer, Beware release party on June 29, 2009, introduced by the evening’s MC, Jeff Sharlet. And, be sure to read “I Met My Lesbian Lover at Cowboy Bible Camp,” a version of the story published today on DoubleX.

We’ll be running the full original story of this God-fearing, transgender horse wrangler’s sexual awakening soon, but why wait? Buy Believer, Beware: First-Person Dispatches from the Margins of Faith and read Quince’s piece and more from the Killing the Buddha collection of true confessions, skeptical testimonies, and personal revelations of religion lost, found and lost again. Library Weekly declared it “shocking, exhilarating, and never dull…. Highly recommended.”

KtB editor Quince Mountain lives in the Great Northwoods and is currently at work on a chronicle of belated manhood and unlikely self-help. You can hear about his sexploits as a teenage cowboy for Christ here.