Killing the Buddha

Crashing the Mayans’ Big Date

Most of us know, one should hope, that the media’s portrayal of 2012 is essentially baseless. What is more interesting, though, is the way that the Mayan date of 2012 has been forcibly grafted onto Western understandings of the ages of man and Judeo-Christian beliefs about the end of the world. The pop phenomenon surrounding…

Killing the Buddha

Why Is the End of the World Such a Big Deal?

I’ve got a new essay today in Obit that takes the new 2012 movie as an occasion for a reflection on why folks are always so eager to proclaim the end of the world: “You Broke It, You Bought It.” Though the word “apocalypse” now is usually taken to mean a world-ending calamity, the original…

A 2012 promotional wallpaper from Sony Pictures.

Long Count

Suffering through 2012, Roland Emmerich’s take on a Mayan prophecy.

J. Allan Danelek

2012 or Bust!

Talking down to prophecy nuts is a delicate art.

Killing the Buddha

Times Reports: Crazy People Believe in 2012

In the Times yesterday, Dennis Overbye had an essay telling the paper’s more apocalyptically-inclined readers to continue paying their mortgages.  We have nothing to fear, Overbye insists; 2012 will only be remembered as the title of Roland Emmerich’s movie. Overbye doesn’t demonize the 2012ologists. He shares their fascination with Doomsday. “I have been in love…

Killing the Buddha

Oh Mayan!

We just heard from Corey Pein out in Santa Fe, who tells us about his excellent new Buddha-killing article in the Santa Fe Reporter about some of the key 2012ologists, including John Major Jenkins, who our own Andrew Marantz

Killing the Buddha

Why 2012?

With the subject line “2012,” Wendy Bradley wrote, regarding our present series on the subject: What a waste of time, attention, and resources. How come? XOW I suppose she’s got a point. 2012 is a terrible movie, and the whole phenomenon is more than a bit ridiculous. But maybe I can explain a little bit…


The 2012ologists

Hollywood flies to Jackson Hole to hash out the apocalypse.

Killing the Buddha

In Honor of 2012

Whoever rules the apocalypse rules the world. That’s why, in celebration of the release of the disaster flick 2012 today, Friday the 13th, we’ll be publishing a series of articles about the 2012 phenomenon—a real, live, ancient apocalypticism for our time. New Agers, Mayan enthusiasts, climatologists, environmentalists, and NASA have all teamed up to give…