Meditating with My Father’s Friends

We were all there for the same purpose—to understand our own suffering and maybe find some relief.


Blind Boys

A revelation at the Austin City Limits music festival.

"the Clinquant of Hope" by Derrick T via Flickr

Juan Lucas

Can a man be better than his rap sheet?

Photo by the author.

Blessings & Booty

She would love to be a saint, but she can’t seem to stop herself.

By egor.gribanov via Flickr

A Meaningful Story

From Essential Stories: God, Love, Death, Joy, Suffering, Beauty.

Gabriela Camerotti via Flickr


A ferry ride into the fog of Alzheimer’s.

Killing the Buddha

Fairies or Princesses?

We recently received a delightful short essay from James Royce McGuire, writer of fiction and plays, called “The Fairy Land.” Let’s wander through it together! It’s extremely easy to lose…

Sima's Undergarments for Women

Perfect Breasts

She finds the right bras for the right breasts. In Brooklyn. Underground.

Icon of Saint Simeon the One-Eyed Tanner

Wayward Sheep

More schooled than churched, she wanted to try dying to the self, to grope for the Spirit under the water, and come up in grace. It was more awkward than that.

"'He says you must pray,' the young monk said.
'Pray for what?' I asked..." (photo by jduemer/flickr)

The Temple Door

The daughter of a damaged Vietnam veteran returns to the scene of the crime.

"If Buddha had played a trick like that on me, I would've torn his goddamn head off."

White Ashes

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but the loss of a loved one will haunt you forever.

Cash backstage in an undated photo.

The Gospel According to Johnny Cash

Was the Man in Black our own personal Jesus?

“As bad as it gets.”

Schmidt Happens

Sold your soul? Buy it back for $22.

"My one-girl betrayal of the Catholic community was something I kept to myself."

Oh Come On, All Ye Faithful

A Christmas story about lost faith and the routine of prayer.


Kafka in Love

College reunions, marriage proposals, and other trials that make you buggy.


My Bar Mitsvah: A True Story

Today, he is a man. Tomorrow, he’s playing Vegas.