Killing the Buddha

BYOB Beads ‘n Booze

Tables For Two Five Wounds 874 Oskars Street, tel: 212-567-4001 Five Wounds is a new “multipurpose room” under 1 1/2 Avenue, in newly-dubbed DucManIs. The neighborhood, full of darkened storefronts…

Occupy Wall Street in Washington Square Park on October 8, by Darwin Yamamoto, via Flickr.

Mic Checked

How Occupy Wall Street occupies your heart.

Hojo-san & Myo-e by Tenku via Flickr

Zen and the Art of Hostessing

After all, Buddhist monks are men too.

By Dave Nicoll via Flickr

Holy Mother of God

She knows the truth about where God comes from.


My Skyhawk Guardian Angel

What happens when Jesus is the victim of a hit and run?

"It starts as a low keening..."

Call to Prayer

As regimes come and go, faith drifts through the air in Iran.

"The songs seem to come from somewhere ancient and strange."

Four Tables

A Passover story of family and wine from Half/Life: Jew-ish Tales from Interfaith Homes.

Sudanese street scene

Drinking in Tongues

In Sudan, a wayward youth faces the wrath of Mom, Dad, and Allah.