Bonaventure, Quebec

Church on a Cliff

What does that faithful remnant look like, at the edges of the earth, in rural Quebec?


Building the Big Tent with Ancient Future Disciples

Buddha-killer extraordinaire Becky Garrison has a new book! Ancient Future Disciples: Meeting Jesus in Mission-shaped Ministries continues the pilgrimage she began in Jesus Died for This? This time, Becky wanted to find out how some of the more radically inclusive Episcopalian communities work. How do clergy reach out to people who are not likely to set foot inside a…

William Stringfellow.


New from Frequencies: William Stringfellow and the God of law school.

Lookalikes of Kate Middleton, Britain's Prince William and Queen Elizabeth stand outside a church during a media event in London. From Reuters.

Prince William Ate My Religion

The royal wedding is a reminder of what’s wrong with Anglicanism.

Anglican church above a slave dungeon in Ghana, by Nomade Moderne, via http://nomademoderne.wordpress.com/2008/04/

Notes from the Tangled Anglican Web

What the schism over sexuality has to do with the colonial legacy in Africa.

Killing the Buddha

Ladies and Gays and Gay Ladies!

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles would like to serve notice to the rest of the Church and the worldwide Communion of believers: It. Is. On. (Bitches!)

Killing the Buddha

That Anglican Divorce Thing (Again!)

Your Holiness, we didn’t see this one coming— Anglican congregations are divorcing—amicably! They’re all “No thanks, Rome, we’re cool. We’re even praying for each other.” We know, Your Holiness. They can pray all they want, they’re still heretics. Your Holiness? (Muttered German cursing; swishing of silken robes; furious soft padding of Prada slippers) @

Killing the Buddha

Ruffing’s Instructions

Your Grace, could you please refrain from pointing your right toe in? OK, now, Your Grace, could you please not bite your lower lip? Great. Now, Your Grace, please, please, just clasp your hands behind your back. Because, sir, that little twiddling thing you’re doing with your sideburn is a little distracting. No, not one…

Killing the Buddha

Rejoice with Me!

CNN: Father Alberto Cutie, an internationally known Catholic priest who admitted having a romantic affair and breaking his vow of celibacy, is joining the Episcopal Church to be with the woman he loves, he said Thursday. […] “Father Cutie’s actions have caused grave scandal within the Catholic Church, harmed the Archdiocese of Miami—especially our priests—and…

Killing the Buddha

Admittedly, My Knowledge of This Comes from Barbara Pym Novels

Anglican rite! Shall we have jumble sales and excellent women and layers of cardigans keeping us warm in the drafty vicarage? Cups of tea and Whitsuntide? Evensong? Compline? A whole Trinity Season? And—just maybe—decent music? @

Killing the Buddha

Queering Schism: Mad Lib Notes from a Recent Yale LGBT Studies Conference

How and why, we ask, has homosexuality come to serve as a flash point for so many local and global conflicts? Fill in the following 18 blanks with a word or phrase according to the prompts. Whatever you do, don’t read below the *! 1. A plural noun 2. A body of water 3. An…

Killing the Buddha

Whispering, Throatily, in the Ear of the “Communion”

O Anglicans Come a little closer, babies we’ve got a very, very special snack we think you all might like It’s called the Body of Christ (verus unus) @news

The Consecration of Bishop V. Gene Robinson

Souls on Ice

In a New Hampshire hockey rink, a gay bishop skates into Episcopal history.

Stained Glass

God’s Own Knowledge

A theology of sex shops, movies, and nothingness may be the biggest thing to hit Christianity since Martin Luther.