William Stringfellow.


New from Frequencies: William Stringfellow and the God of law school.

Harold Camping.

The Man Behind Judgment Day

An interview with Harold Camping, predictor of the end of the world.

Tom Evans. Photo by author.

Dead-End Job

Meet the publicist for the May 21st apocalypse.

Photo by Jonathan Lidbeck, via Flickr.

Welcome to Apocalypse Week, 2011

KtB is celebrating the upcoming apocalypse planned for this Saturday, May 21st—the last hurrah of 89-year-old Family Radio evangelist Harold Camping—with a couple of inside glimpses into the end-times imagination.…

Killing the Buddha


Prophesying in the borderlands.


E-Cards for the Left Behind

So suppose one day you wake up and all your Christian friends have mysteriously gone missing. It’s creepy, and everyone around you is trying to figure out what the heck…

Killing the Buddha

New Revelation from a “Son Of My Mother”

Leland Mellott has been kind enough to share with us some more details about his discoveries, of which he told us a bit earlier: By way of a powerful, transformative River…

Killing the Buddha

Humanity’s Next Cycle

We just can’t resist posting letters like this: Leland Mellott / Mount Vernon, Washington, USA – – – – – By way of a powerful light in my mind during…

Tiger Woods at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

The end of the world and Tiger Woods.

"UFO cloud!" by storymary, via Flickr.

Clouds, When Determined By Context

On the sci-fi roots of modern fundamentalism.

Life After People on the History Channel

Smell You Later, Jesus

Sometimes odd things cheer me up. Sometimes I get into moods, OK? Maybe sometimes I get into certifiable mood disorders which may or may not be detailed in the DSM-IV?…


Atheists Bank on the Rapture

Never mind friends and family who’ll be left behind when you’re Raptured—what about those you really love? Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, “The next best thing to pet salvation in a Post…

In God We Trust.

Dear god,

An angry letter about Haiti from a pissed-off Pentecostal preacher.

Empty bookshelf

Don’t Take Away My Memory Theater

What concerns me about the coming literary apocalypse that everybody now expects—the full or partial elimination of paper books in favor of digital alternatives—is not chiefly the books themselves but…

Killing the Buddha

Crashing the Mayans’ Big Date

Most of us know, one should hope, that the media’s portrayal of 2012 is essentially baseless. What is more interesting, though, is the way that the Mayan date of 2012…

Killing the Buddha

Why Is the End of the World Such a Big Deal?

I’ve got a new essay today in Obit that takes the new 2012 movie as an occasion for a reflection on why folks are always so eager to proclaim the…

A 2012 promotional wallpaper from Sony Pictures.

Long Count

Suffering through 2012, Roland Emmerich’s take on a Mayan prophecy.

J. Allan Danelek

2012 or Bust!

Talking down to prophecy nuts is a delicate art.