J. Allan Danelek

2012 or Bust!

Talking down to prophecy nuts is a delicate art.

Killing the Buddha

Why 2012?

With the subject line “2012,” Wendy Bradley wrote, regarding our present series on the subject: What a waste of time, attention, and resources. How come? XOW I suppose she’s got…


The 2012ologists

Hollywood flies to Jackson Hole to hash out the apocalypse.

Killing the Buddha

In Honor of 2012

Whoever rules the apocalypse rules the world. That’s why, in celebration of the release of the disaster flick 2012 today, Friday the 13th, we’ll be publishing a series of articles…

Killing the Buddha

Apocalyptic Orgies

Thanks in part to an incoming link from Arts & Letters Daily, as well as the excellent reading, we received quite a number of letters in the last week about…

Jesus Riding on a Cloud, by chrislong_2008 via photobucket

Spaceship Jesus Will Come Back and Whisk Us Away

The disastrous politics of Rapture, in an excerpt from Patience with God.

Killing the Buddha

Will Mormons Preserve American Civilization?

Inspired by a hint from Mormon sci-fi writer Orson Scott Card, Josh Levin has a piece at Slate suggesting that Mormonism might be for American culture what the Catholic Church…


The Apocalypse is Always Now

The introduction to Believer, Beware: First-Person Dispatches from the Margins of Faith.

"The Coming of the Lord" (detail), by William Thomas Thompson.

The Colorful Apocalypse

What does it take to be an “outsider artist”? Brushes, paint, and revelation.

"The Angel of the Revelation," William Blake

Hermaphrodite Terrorist Angel

How many holy rollers does it take to pray the devil out of a hermaphrodite terrorist angel?


Waking Up

Zen and the art of running from a crumbling tower.