Killing the Buddha

Killing the Crab-Buddha on MasterChef

To some extent, the goal of all reality TV competitions is to make their contestants uncomfortable. The stress is sometimes physical (how many cockroaches can you eat?) and sometimes mental…

Killing the Buddha

Catholics: Get Out and Stay Out

Howard of W. Bloomfield, MI, writes, with regard to Mary Valle’s “The Cock Crows“: Mary dismisses Rice saying: “she’s out of Catholicism and I’m in and out every day. And…

"Croik Church, pulpit" by Lee Carson, via Flickr

Faithful Apostasy

What do the “preachers who are not believers” not believe?

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Have You Heard of Rashi?

The day my essay, “The Self-Thinking Thought,” appeared on the New York Times blog Happy Days, I received a letter that went thusly: I read your blog on Anselm; quite…